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Belly Card @ Berry Austin

This video was filmed two days ago on Saturday, February 11, 2012. It was filmed at both Berry Austin locations.


Belly Card @ Wahoo’s Fish Taco

This is a video I filmed and edited for Belly Card in Austin on Thursday.

Belly is an upstart business co-founded by my high school buddy, Ryan Jeffery. I bumped into Ryan at the wedding of a mutual friend in Madison, Wisconsin earlier this month and he told me he was flying down to Austin to open up the next market for Belly. Little did we realize we had actually booked tickets on exact same connecting flights to Dallas then to Austin!

He asked me if I’d like to produce some videos for them in Austin and I agreed. This one filmed at Wahoo’s Fish Taco was the first in the series (more to come!).

I’ll cut and paste his exact directions for the video.

we want the video to be super fun and energetic. Cool music, hot babes and some attitude. Can you dig it?
I don’t know if I got the “hot babes” in there, but you be the judge on the rest of it! Thanks again, Ryan — I look forward to doing more of these for Belly.

New Demo Reel